About Us

ARTMEDIA Productions Inc. was formed by partners Jennifer Macerollo and Thomas Korzeniowski to showcase their passion for the arts. ARTMEDIA is engaged in the preservation of the arts through video production. We specialize in documenting musical performances and live events for archival, educational, broadcast and promotional purposes.

ARTMEDIA has interviewed and documented archival and promotional material for acclaimed Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer in conjunction with Patria Music Theatre Projects. In partnership with New Music Concerts and Naxos, the world’s leading classical music recording label with worldwide distribution, ARTMEDIA produced a unique documentary celebrating acclaimed American composer Elliott Carter on his 100th Birthday. ARTMEDIA undertook a series of short vignettes for television broadcast featuring Winona Zelenka, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s Acting Principal Cellist. Especially unique is the worldwide interest generated with the experimental music video on German concert accordionist Ina Henning.

ARTMEDIA captures these artistic events with critical insight, sensitivity and visual impact. Recent live event and interview documentaries have also been produced for acclaimed vocalist Mary Morrison and the late renowned Canadian composer John Weinzweig.

ARMEDIA is inspired by and for the preservation of the arts. Both partners Jennifer and Thomas have a strong background, education and love of the arts.

Background on the Partners

Jennifer Macerollo - Partner and Producer

A dancer and pianist for over 25 years, Jennifer was raised in a highly artistic environment. With her mother Frances a pianist, and her father, Joseph, a world renowned Classical accordionist, Jennifer was surrounded by creativity, art, music and inspiration. Intensive training in both music and dance sustained her passion for the arts until graduating from the University of Toronto in 1998 when she turned her artistic focus to producing.

Now an accomplished producer, Jennifer began her career working in the film and television industry as an Assistant Director and in 2004, she became Senior Producer and Director of Production for the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards (NAAA), a multi million dollar signature awards show, featuring Aboriginal artists from all walks of life. Jennifer worked closely with CBC, Global Television and APTN network executives on the successful broadcast of the production each year. In 2006 Jennifer and Thomas created Moving Headshot Productions, an award-winning production company focused on commercial productions for such clients as Nike and Bank of America.

Thomas Korzeniowski - Partner and Producer

Passionate about filmmaking since the age of 12, Thomas began his artistic career as a visual artist, traveling across Canada and painting at various fringe festivals. His goal of attending film school was attained and in 1998 he graduated from the Vancouver Film School.

Thomas has gone on to become an accomplished director having attained international success with many of his short films. He won several awards at festivals abroad including the acclaimed Cotswold International Film Festival in the UK. Thomas' films continue to make the official selection list of some of the world's film festivals including Canada's own Montreal Film Festival, the Orlando Film Festival and the Seattle Film Festival, just to name a few, and have been broadcast nationally on television across Canada on such networks as CBC. Thomas has also focused on creating and developing long form dramatic and documentary work including the 2006 production of Medieval People in addition to producing award winning commercial spots and directing through Moving Headshot Productions for notable clients such as Sprint and Bank of America.